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I only ask because the last person didn’t tell me, until we met in person.I am new to Thailand so I am still trying to understand everything, sorry for asking you like this.But like I said 99% of the girls on Thai friendly are just your average Thai girl, its not even worth worrying about, but I thought I would mention it in case anybody was wondering.This website is by far the easiest place to find a Thai girlfriend or get laid without even having to leave your laptop.Pro tip: You need to be careful when browsing girls pictures, as some will be filtered using Instagram or taken at funny angles to hide how fat/spotty/dark they are.It is not uncommon for people to meet up for a date only to find the girl 10lbs overweight and nothing like she was in the pictures. A question some of my readers ask me is how to find a Thai girlfriend or how to get sex in Thailand without having to pay for it?In this post I will talk to you about Thai Friendly, and how you can have hundreds of real Thai girls messaging you within 24 hours who want meet up (and sleep with you).

Incredibly the youngster suffered no serious physical harm as a result of her ordeal. She was in foster care after her parents, from the nearby Phu Tho Province, were both jailed for unreported offences.

This part of my Thai Friendly review is to help you know if your date wants money or something else.

This question has too many variables to give you any kind of answer, but if you are after a serious Thai girlfriend who you want a future with, don’t ever bring up the topic of money.

Shocking video has emerged of a five-year-old girl screaming after being strung up by her wrists by her cruel Vietnamese foster mother as punishment for taking a carton of milk.

The tiny child, whose hands are tied, can be seen hanging several feet above the floor from a horizontal pole in a building in the Vinh Tuong District of northern Vietnam's Vinh Phuc Province.

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If you’re a white male, keep on reading for my review of Thai Friendly.