Updating htc touch diamond rom sexy camo mini skirt

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Updating htc touch diamond rom

Do this by holding both volume up and volume down button while turning on your phone and follow the instructions on the screen. Just sync back all your contacts and files, install the CABs and customize your phone again.Programs you should install one by one and test them, to make your they are working correctly with the new ROM.If you're looking for 3rd Party software downloads for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices, click here.

In order to upgrade to a custom ROM you must change your SPL to allow uncertified upgrades, such a SPL has been made by “Olinex” and you must first install/flash this to you phone.Note that If you do not wish to flash your device, you can speed up alot with the tweaks found here or by using HTC Advanced Config here For the Diamond 1. Hard SPL Every Diamond or Touch Pro must have it’s SPL flashed with a version that allows any ROM. If you still feel uncomfortable in doing this, check out the guides posted above and the fora at XDA.Do not attemt to flash or update your device before you fully understand the procedure. Also if you like to learn more about custom roms, cooking them, XDA is the site for you !ROM HTC Touch Diamond –ROM RUU Diamond HTC_WWE_2.03.405.3_Radio_Signed_Diamond_.26_1._Ship The HTC Touch Diamond, also known as the HTC P3700 or its codename the HTC Diamond, is a Windows Mobile 6.1-powered Pocket PC designed and manufactured by HTC.HTC Touch Diamond gives you one-touch access to every aspect of your life and the important people in it with an intuitive 3D interface.

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We all love our Diamond or Touch Pro, but as you may have noticed, they might be slow, even after the tweaks & registry fixes, might contain too much or too little programs, or little, or y ou may like or dislike the interface.

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