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Read ribsy by beverly cleary online dating

Even reading about all the military bureaucracy doesn't stop me from thinking that the job sounds like SO MUCH FUN.It's troubling to see how Beverly's mother tries vainly to keep Beverly in her clutches, and it's even harder to read about her father's reaction to her marriage.The book starts just where Yamhill left off, with Beverly heading off to Southern California to stay with her aunt and attend junior college.Naturally, her mother is sure this will be a disaster but Beverly goes anyway. But her aunt doesn't want her to stay with them again next year.I need a Goodreads shelf for favorite literary meals. My only disappointment is that she doesn't spend very much time talking about writing.Here it's her Depression-era grad school "meager" lunch from the UW Domestic Science Department, "...where I drank a carton of milk and ate a sandwich cut into three parts, each with a different filling. (One reason is that she didn't write until she was married, settled, etc.) The book ends just as she's cashing her first (lil) advance check. I am a big fan of children’s literature and have always love Beverly Cleary’s books from the time I was a young child, so it was fun to read about her life and how it came about that she wrote children’s books and where she found many of her ideas for her stories.She also works in a bookstore over many Christmases and always makes the best of things.

She makes the best of situations (probably as a result of growing up during the Depression, which could have made her depressed and always thinking about what might have been, like her mother, but it does not), and she gets through every problem through hard work, creativity, and determination.

Beverly, much more resourceful than she gives herself credit for, manages to meet a girl in a similar situation and they decide to be roommates and manage to find a reasonable boarding situation.

And at the end of two years, Beverly transfers to U-Cal (aka Berkeley) where she finagles her way into the only co-op dorm for women near campus.

Her line about librarians being haunted by unanswered reference questions? And although she's modest about it, the fact that Beverly remembers the details of her reference desk successes shows what a pro she was.

Her Army hospital library gig continues to fascinate me.

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It was interesting to read how each of them experienced the same time frame but from two different parts of the world.

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