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Chinese internet addicts who spend up to 17 hours online and even wear nappies so they do not have to take toilet breaks are being sent to rehab boot camps to rid them of their dependency.

Internet addiction is considered a clinical disorder in China, with an increasing number of young people choosing to ignore their studies, social lives and family to surf the web or play online games.

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It was also reported that after she became addicted to video games, Ms Wu would spend all her time playing on her phone at home.

She told a reporter: 'If I don't work, I would usually get up at around 6am, have breakfast then start playing the game until 4pm. After I wake up, I would continue playing until 1am or 2am.

They always have a sexual intercourse simulation in their gameplay.Migraines cause a change in blood flow and can put the retinal artery into spasm, causing a clot.'So unless video games are giving you prolonged and persistent migraines, I'd suggest there's no need to panic while playing them.Young people's obsession with computer games and internet has become a major societal issue in China.Ms Wu's doctor said a retinal vessel occlusion was more likely to be found on an elderly patient, but because Ms Wu had tired out her eyes continuously for a long period of time, it was possible for her to have the condition.However, experts in the UK disagreed with the diagnosis.

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