Hinckley and bosworth online dating

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Hinckley and bosworth online dating

The Saxon bishop, meanwhile, fled to Dorchester-on-Thames and Leicester did not become a bishopric again until the Church of Following the Norman conquest, Leicester was recorded by William's Domesday Book as Ledecestre.It was noted as a city (civitas) but lost this status in the 11th century owing to power struggles between the Church and the aristocracy During the C14th the earls of Leicester and Lancaster enhanced the prestige of the town.The church (described by Leland in the C16th as "not large but exceeding fair") also became, effectively, a Lancastrian mausoleum.Duke Henry's daughter Blanche of Lancaster married John of Gaunt and their son Henry Bolingbroke became King Henry IV when he deposed King Richard II.Certainly there is some continuation of occupation of the town, though on a much reduced scale in the 5th and 6th centuries.Its memory was preserved as the Following the Saxon invasion of Britain, Leicester was occupied by the Middle Angles and subsequently administered by the kingdom of Mercia.

Their settlement became one of the Five Burghs of the Danelaw, although this position was short-lived.

This area of the Soar was split into two channels: a main stream to the east and a narrower channel on the west, with a presumably marshy island between.

The settlement seems to have controlled a ford across the larger channel.

At the end of the War of the Roses, King Richard III was buried in Leicester's Greyfriars Church.

The site of that church is now covered by more modern buildings and a car park.

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The group escorting him was concerned enough to stop at Leicester. He died on 29 November 1530 and was buried at Leicester Abbey, now Abbey Park.

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