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Gweled online dating

) - gl-117 (Flight simulator, proceed to the missions to start the battling) - Freeciv (Free Civ = Free Civilization(tm).Free version of the commercial game Civilisation) - Torcs (Car racing game) - Penguin Commander - Lucidlife (Game of Life) - Diablo I, Diablo II, Starcraft (with or without Brood War expansion), Warcraft III (again, with or without Frozen Throne) via Wine - see below for installation instructions.Try to clear the level before the balls reach the bottom of your screen) - CUBE (Online & Single player 1st person shooter) -- Edit: Sauerbraten, aka 'CUBE 2', is now available.- Chromium (Fly that spaceship of yours and destroy oncoming ships!Just switch play/install disks and hit until the install continues. but lets not go there I didn't know NWN worked under linux, I used to play it in windows a year or two ago, one of the best DND based games I've played.Does it need a seperate set of discs or is the linux version on the windows CDs, if the later is the case I may have to hunt my cd's down (I know they are around here somewhere)...

NOTE: In Diablo II, if you want to do TCP/IP games, it may complain about an invalid IP address.

First, make sure you have the RPM Fusion repository enabled.

If you have not enabled it on your system yet, see RPM Fusion's configuration page.

Yum can install most of the games listed above for you. For these games, see the specific instructions below: FOR BZFed (Bzflag map editor) NOTE: This doesn't seem to work with FC5.

su - wget rpm -Uhv -d bzfed-0.1gz tar -xf bzfed-0.1cd bzfed-0.1 ./&su - wget mv sauerbraten /usr/local/share/ echo '[Desktop Entry] Name=Sauerbraten Generic Name=Sauerbraten Comment=Sauerbraten FPS Exec=/usr/local/share/sauerbraten/sauerbraten_unix Icon=/usr/local/share/sauerbraten/data/Type=Application Encoding=UTF-8 Categories=Application; Game;' su - wget yum install SDL-devel SDL_image-devel SDL_mixer-devel rpm -Uhv xzf penguin-command-1.6.10gz cd penguin-command-1.6.10 ./configure make checkinstall -R replace CD_LABEL with the label shown on your Desltop for the CD, for example BROODWAR.

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Full instructions are at Bioware's NWN site to clear this up a bit, you don't need the Windows disks to install NWN on Linux.

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