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Globaltuners online dating

Radio Explorer est un logiciel de gestion des stations radio.

Il affiche les horaires de diffusion, fréquence, puissance.. La mise à jour des bases de données se font à partir d’internet : Télécharger la version d’essai de Logiciel radio : les bases de données des stations :

Europirates (as European pirate stations are often referred to in the US) also make use of other parts of the HF spectrum.

Other commonly used bands include: When to listen depends on radio propagation conditions for the particular band, and where you and the station are located.

One of the major complaints about modern corporate radio is that it is bland and boring.

It seems as though half a dozen companies own all the stations, and every one sounds the same.

During the nighttime, the band "goes long" and more distant stations can be received, at the expense of not being able to receive local stations.

The 48 meter band works about the same way within Europe.

The same is true for reception of 43 meter band signals from the US/Canada by listeners in Europe.

Some generalized examples: During the daytime, this band operates in NVIS mode, where signals go up to the ionosphere and are reflected roughly straight down.

That means that stations generally only reach a distance of a few hundred miles.

AM pirates used to be more common in the 1970s and 1980s, with several high power stations operating in the New York City area.

High power / long distance AM pirates are not as often heard today.

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Most AM pirates today tend to be relatively low power, with a range of tens of miles at the most.

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