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Ali, in fact, is a successful doctor in Istanbul and it is unknown why he is also a teacher in this small town.Read More » Profile Name: Ali Burak Ceylan Birthdate: May 26, 1991 Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey Height: 178 cm Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Education: Kocaeli University Horse Breeding (Kocaeli Universitesi Atcilik Bolumu) Spouse: Biography: Ali Burak Ceylan took acting lessons at Osman Yagmurdereli Art Academia (Osman Yagmurdereli Sanat Akademisi).Tracy Lord is going to be married to George Kitteredge, a man from her own social circle. As Mc Cauley (Mike) Conner, this actor was perfect.Deep down inside, Tracy can't get her mind from the man she really loves, the rascal Dexler. As the tabloid reporter infiltrating the society wedding he proved his impeccable sense of timing.Bella follows her husband to his home at Adana despite her parents’ reservations.Bella assumes to have an exotic Eastern adventure in Adana. Hazar’s family also disapproves their marriage because they have to break their promise to the other tribe.In the first scene featuring Mike (Jimmy Stewart) and Liz (Ruth Hussey), they are having a discussion in which Liz keeps repeating, "Just that." But right before they go into Sidney Kidd's office, you can see her mouth saying, "Just that," yet there's no sound.

Dexter Haven married impulsively, with their marriage and subsequent divorce being equally passionate.He made his debut with his role as Tufan at popular Turkish drama Endless Love (Kara Sevda).Ali Burak Ceylan has been interested in various sportive activities such as wrestling and horse riding.The choice of George Cukor as its director seems to have been made in heaven. Cukor clearly understood what was needed to make this film the classic it became. He was an actor that always delivered and was always a welcome addition to any of the movies of the period. Grant, with his good looks, makes the perfect man to play the part.George Cukor's contribution, as well of the magnificent screenplay, by Donald Ogden Stewart, make this a timeless comedy that looks as fresh today as when it was originally released. As Dexler, the man who broke Tracy's heart, he returns just before the wedding, perhaps to remind her he's still loves her and can't get her out of his mind.

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