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Dataspace online dating

After 1320, the city appeared in writing as "Dorpmunde".In the years leading up to 1344, the English King even borrowed money from well-heeled Dortmund merchant families Berswordt and Klepping, offering the regal crown as security.

The town expanded into a city, with the population rising from 57,742 in 1875 to 379,950 in 1905.

After Cologne was excluded after the Anglo-Hanseatic War (1470–74), Dortmund was made capital of the Rhine-Westphalian and Netherlands Circle.

This favors the founding of one of the oldest schools in Europe in 1543 - Stadtgymnasium Dortmund The 1661 earthquake made the Reinoldikirche collapse.

In 2009, Dortmund was classified as a Node city in the Innovation Cities Index published by 2thinknow Dortmund is home to many cultural and educational institutions, including the Technical University of Dortmund and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, International School of Management and other educational, cultural and administrative facilities with over 49,000 students, many museums, such as Museum Ostwall, Museum of Art and Cultural History, German Football Museum, as well as theatres and music venues like the Koncerthaus or the Opera House of Dortmund.

The city is known as Westphalia's "green metropolis".

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In 1388, Count von Mark joined forces with the Archbishop of Cologne and issued declarations of a feud against the town.

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