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Criteria for backdating income support

You will only be entitled to the benefit if your income is less than your applicable amount.If you have no income, or all your income is disregarded, you will get the benefit at the level of your applicable amount.If you deliberately give incorrect or misleading information or fail to report a change of circumstances, you may be committing benefit fraud.

It's best to report in writing anything that may change your entitlement to a benefit, in case there's confusion over what you did.

If you have a speech or hearing impairment, a textphone service is available on 08.

Your basic details will be recorded and you’ll be called back to discuss your claim.

This usually takes around 45 minutes and you may be sent a statement to sign, based on the information you've given.

If you have trouble using the phone, you can claim most benefits online via GOV. To avoid delays in your claim, make sure you have your National Insurance number.

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