Consolidating school districts within a state

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Consolidating school districts within a state

The district came up with a temporary solution to its space problem caused by growing enrollment back in 2012.

It started leasing the trailer to house three fifth-grade classrooms and a shared office for a school social worker and psychologist. Rosborg, one of the consultants, is a parent of three Freeburg school graduates.

“It’s not that there’s some disagreement or some animosity. “We’re just like every other district in the state; we are pinching every penny that we can and trying to make cuts here and cuts there to survive without losing out on any of our services.” Superintendent Warletta Brookins said Madison Unit 12 wants to know whether students in Madison and nearby communities would benefit from sharing the courses and extra-curriculars they offer.

Madison, for example, recently brought back football and band programs.

A new study of those districts today would look at updated information, and this time it includes another, larger district: Madison.

School leaders in Brooklyn, Madison and Venice are still meeting to discuss who could conduct their study.

He said Venice paid for that study because it was required by the financial oversight panel that the state put in place in Venice.

In the agreement for the Freeburg-area study that’s underway, consultants said they would offer an opinion about whether the districts should reorganize.

But if, for example, the consultants say the districts should pursue consolidation and the school boards agree, residents would get a chance to offer their opinions.

The next step would be to get approval from regional and state education leaders.

The Smithton District 130 School Board is interested in the benefits or drawbacks of reorganization as it considers ways to address space issues in its only building.

Enrollment has grown to the point that Smithton Elementary School can’t hold the students it currently has.

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