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Choru karai online dating

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Chorus Tia some solemn secret, surely, that thou dost enshroud in mystery. C(KJ PROMETHEUS BOUND Prometheus Zeus by his will, Hephaestus by his hand.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. C3.l: J AESCHYLUS n POMHe ETZ a XXov Xoyov fieforqa Oe, rovhe 8' o^a/iu)? lo And of what manner of offence dost thou pay the penalty ?

In the Bfc- time of the poet Athens expelled the tyrant of the house of Peisistratus, reformed the constitution under €.,: I7 :i-., C(KJ INTRODUCTION Cleisthenes so that it now enlisted the support of all her citizens, and established a polity ensuring to the State a free course to further sel^development into a true democracy. Yet most of the weary tale I shall leave out and come to the very close of thy wanderings.

In his lifetime too the city acquired a material strength entitling it to take a commanding part as an international power in the triumph of Greece over the despotic barbarism that for a generation had menaced it ^vith annihilation of its pohtical existence. For when thou didst reach the Molossian plains I and the sheer ridge that encircles Dodona, where is ' the prophetic seat of Thesprotian Zeus and that marvel, passing all belief, the talking oaks, by which thou clearly, and in no ridd Ung terms, wast saluted as the renowned spouse of Zeus that was to he (does aught of this make appeal to thee ?

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Consume me with fire, or hide me in the earth, or give me to the monsters of the deep to devour ; and grudge me not, O Lord, the boon that I implore. Proketheus Ignorance of this were better for thee than to Do not, I pray thee, hide from me what I s doomed to suffer.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Enough of discipline have my far-roaming wanderings taught me, and I cannot discern how to escape my suffer- ings. Prometheus How can I fail to hear the maiden frenzied by the gad-fly, the daughter of Inachus ? Nay, 'tis not that I am loath to grant this boon to thee. Prometheus I am nothing loath ; but I shrink to crush thy lo Be not more kind to me than I myself desire. Let us first inquire the story of her affliction and let her with ner own lips relate the events that brought upon her sore calamity.

The barriers of that narrower, provincial world had now been swept away. And thou shalt bring forth swart Epaphus,' thus named from the manner of Zeus' engendering ; and he shall gather the fruit of all the land watered by the broad-flowing Nile.

Men, drawn together by external danger, esperienced an impulse toward spiritual unity, heretofore unknown, and even an active sentiment of unanimity, which was soon however to be dissolved under the centrifugal influences of Greek political action. Fifth in descent from ham, fifty maidens shall return to Argos, not of their own free choice, but fleeing marriage with their cousin kin ; while these, their hearts ablaze with passion, like falcons following hard on doves, shall come in pursuit of wedloclc unlawful to pursue ; but God shall grudge them enjoyment of their brides.

To the confusions of anarchy D.a.t:: J INIKODUCTION and barbarism succeeds the equity that is the basis of law and order. For each bride shall reave her lord of Ufe, dyeing a two-edged sword in his blood— in such wise may Love come upon mine enemies !

In this trimnph the countrymen of the poet had displayed heroic self-sacrifice and indomitable courage. ), thence, stung by the gad-fly, thou didst rush along the pathway by the shore to the great gulf of Rhea, wherefrom thou art tossed in backward-wandering course ; and for all time to come a recess of the sea, be well assured, shall bear the name Ionian, as a memorial of thy crossing unto all mankind. 322, 868 Halys, the chief river of Asia Minor and forming; the boundary between the Lydian and the Persian empire, P.

And when the Persian peril had passed, and the possibility of the return of the arbitrary lawless- ness of tyranny was for ever removed, the later life of Ihe poet ivitnessed the rebuilding of Athens, whose temples and homes had been razed by tlie invader, and at its close the beginning of those strongly conflicting currents of the older and the newer political life as the democracy was shaping its victorious course under the captainship of Pericles. These, then, are the tokens to thee of my under- |.

D., IN TWO VOLUMES SUPPLIANT MAIDENS PERSIANS PROMETHEUS SEVEN AGAINST THEBES LONDON: WILLIAM HEINEMANN NEW YORK: G. PUTNAM'S SONS MCMSXII C3.l:.-:i MCi OOtjl J INTRODUCTION Of the periods of the world's history signalized by national aspiration and achievement, and at the same time fraught with a spiritual significance reflected in the mind of a master poet, the age of Aeschylus holds a foremost place together with the age of Siiake- speare. o^Xov ftkv o^v Tov Tr X'^i OTOv e KXftifio} Xoyoiv, TTpos ai Sro 8 e*/it T€pp.a oaiv Tr Xavriiia Tiav , iwel yap TJAffe?

Imagination bodied forth in poetry of the loftiest order found, ahke in Hellas in the ear Uer part of the fifth century and in England under EUzabeth, its inspiration and ideal in the living present. -TTpos Mo Aoood ya-TTf Sa* TTjv ai Tru Vw Toi' t', J PROMETHEUS BOUND Chorus If there be aught still remaining or passed over of her direful wandering that thou hast to tell, oh speak. When she and her brother Phrixus were persecuted by their step- mother Ino, Nephele ap- peared and carried off her children on a golden ram ; but He Ue, falling into the her' name to the Helles- Hellene, -ic P.

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Kaipos yeyuive Zv, o AAo, (Tvy Kakvirreos oaov jid Xto Tii- Toi'Se yap aoil^utv eyui oeafiovs aet Keis Kai Sifay i K^vyydvui, fnj Sdfi' 6 -navra vefiiuv ['"'P- «• fletr' ifia yvatfttf, Kparos dvri Tra Xov Zeifs. Toriviaaoi J,€va ^ov^ovois Trap' "llfceavo O TTix Tpos aafievrov TTopoy, fi.7j&' o MTOiftt, Xoyotg- o AAa fioi To S' ififievoi koi /a^wot' exra Keir)- o Si J* Tt 8apoa Xiais [d-vr. Tov fia Kpov re Cvfiv ^lov e Xwiai, i^avats Bvfiov d Xhalvovoo.v if ei^poovvats- ^pta- aoi he ae Bep KOfitva Hvpio K f Mox Oo K Stu Kvaiofievov - - -j - , Zfica yap ov Tpofj.4mv ihiif. Wherein, O son of Cronus, wherein hast thou found offence in me that thou hast bound me to this yoke of misery— ah me ! Prouetheus It sufficeth that I have made clear to thee thus much and no more.

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