Bruce boxleitner dating

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Bruce boxleitner dating

This was followed in August by Melissa filing officially for divorce.

What led to the divorce nobody but the two people involved in it know.

Just prior to being on Dancing with the Stars she would not have been able to be part of the show, because she had been too caught up in the divorce, which she had been so down about that she barely left the house at that time.

Clearly it was an upsetting experience and she also said that it had been hard on the kids.

It sort of reminded me of a Frank Capra movie similar to ): Absolutely. I just took my own competitive nature and sort of kicked it up a bit. I haven’t seen her in many years, but I’ve talked to her. Actually I’ve been very, very blessed for the most part for the paths my career has taken.

In the end the divorce appears to have been resolved amicably by the end of 2011.

Melissa moved on to dating Thierry Gauchet, a multi-millionaire playboy, whom she was linked to for a little while and apparently quite smitten with.

But they broke it off and in January 2013 Melissa surprised everyone by announcing her engagement to actor Timothy Busfield.

The two have known each other for about twenty years.

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They’re up in years now, and I want to spend some precious time with them back in Illinois for Christmas. Then we’ll have a get together with the kids and everybody when I get home. I grew up having wonderful family Christmases where everyone went to my grandmother and grandfather’s farm for a big family gathering. Bruce Boxleitner: It’s just my opinion, but I think, Melissa, that we do need the TV shows and specials like because television is very cynical nowadays.

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